​The Hansford Senior Center is owned and operated by the City of St. Albans. ​We also have the support, through grants, from the WV Div. of Public Transit that help support our transportation program. 

​We offer "door to door" transportation  service for seniors living in St. Albans (or within a 5 mile radius of the city limits) from their home to the Center for activities and lunch, then transport back home. 

​On Monday and Tuesday of each week, we offer additional transportation to the Kroger shopping area in St. Albans. To use this service, seniors must call the morning of the store trip, ride in on the bus for lunch and go shopping after lunch. The normal pickup time will vary depending on how many people have called in, but this first bus leaves the Center at 9 am. A second bus will pickup from senior housing units at 11 am.

We simply don't have the manpower or vehicles to pick up at every home within our service area. We do make an exception for those living in senior housing units in the city; for those residents we will pick them up at the housing building for store only trips when space is available. 

​Our main bus is a 12 passenger, 1 wheelchair vehicle equipped with a hydraulic lift for those who need assistance entering the bus. Space in the back of the bus taken up by wheeled carts, walkers, or wheelchairs so our capacity for passengers is reduced by that. We ask each person to buy a limited amount each trip for this reason. 

​The store list fills quickly so call as early as you can...we start taking calls at 7:30 am!

​Once monthly, we make a special shopping trip to the Walmart at Nitro Marketplace. Several times throughout the year, we also offer special recreational or shopping trips; these will be announced on the monthly activities calendar. Priority for available seating for these trips will be first to the seniors who frequent the Center. 

​FEES: Our transportation services are donation based (thank you to the WV Div. of Public Transit and the City of St. Albans). We do a suggested donation of amount of .25 each way to and from the Center, a suggested donation of .50 for the grocery store, a suggested donation of 1.00 for the once monthly trip to Walmart, Nitro Marketplace. Fees for special trips will be announced with the trip announcement.

Medical Transportation

Yes, We provide transportation for medical appointments! If you are a resident of St. Albans or live within a 5 mile radius, the Hansford Center can transport you for medical appointments.

When you schedule your medical appointment, call Harold at 304-722-4621 to schedule transportation. The day before your scheduled transport, a driver will call you to set a pick up time.

The driver will offer assistance from your door to the bus and deliver you to the door of your medical professionals office.  All vehicles are accessible. Give us a call when you are ready for pick up and transport back home!

We will transport as far east as Kanawha City, west to Teays Valley and points in between. We do not transport for any appointments after 2 pm. 

​Suggested donation fees for medical transport are $5. within St. Albans, $8. to South Charleston, $12. to Kanawha City and $12. to Teays Valley. No one will be denied transport due to inability to pay.

​WE CANNOT TRANSPORT YOU IF YOU HAVE MEDICAID. If you have Medicaid, all transportation must be scheduled through MTM. MTM is the state of West Virginia’s non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) manager. They provide rides free of charge for eligible Medicaid Members throughout the state. Call MTM at 1-844-549-8353 at least five business days in advance, unless your trip is urgent. If you call less than five business days prior to your appointment and the trip is not urgent, you may need to set up your visit for a different date. 

Did you know the Hansford Center offers transportation for seniors living in the city of St. Albans AND within a 5 mile radius of the city limits?

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